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Boone Low Ratliff combines amazing creativity and a thorough knowledge of design with a practical understanding of how people actually live in a house. Jacquie was a dream to work with, her brilliant ideas, knowledge of green building, and use of light and space created a home that is not only beautiful, but also incredibly comfortable to be in. We absolutely love our home!
– Leslie and Jon Davidson

Amazing to work with – from concept to completion! Jacquie Low and her staff were outstanding! We love our new home and the green components that Boone Low Ratliff Architects incorporated into the design. We also thank you for monitoring our project costs and keeping on budget. Thank you, Boone Low Ratliff!
– Patrick and Martha Dexter

We love the house! We are very happy with it. We are continuously amazed by the level of craft and carefulness you all put into your work. It really shows and is a very rare thing to find these days. We are sure glad we found you all! Thank you so very much,
– Fico and Kristen

Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much we still love our house and also to tell you that people are still stopping by and showering us with compliments. Thanks again for all you did to make this work out so well.
– Janette Gross

This past year has been HEAVEN!!!! The building is a joy to work in, a magnet for partners and is really transforming our work. My favorite statistic this year is that volunteers who work out of the North County Center spent 20% more time volunteering, on average, than the year before! They don’t want to go home! Thank you Jackie! I tell everyone you are a genius!
– Karen Delaney (Executive Director, Live Oak Resource Center)

The house is really incredible…. you did such a great job on the design and the whole thing has been really fun! Joel (the contractor) is doing a great job and I am very happy we went with him. I hope that you two continue to work together in the future. Every day more and more things happen and we obviously can’t wait to move in.
Thanks again for all you have done (you should be proud!!)

– Sara Hapner

Dear Jacquie and Kate,
We’re delighted that you were able to come and see your wonderful design. We are extremely happy with the results and know we will enjoy it for many years to come. You can be sure that we will gladly refer you to others.
Our best,
– Jim and Melissa Stewart

Dear Jacquie,
Chris and I are settled into our new home and Jess and Pete and the kids are in theirs. It’s our very own compound. We are so grateful for your brilliance as an architect and every day I am awed by this beautiful space we now live in. Thank you so very much for truly making our dreams a reality. We will continue to think of you as we appreciate this wonderful space we call home. 
– Janie and Chris Crabbe

House is being framed. Paul, K.T., Clemente and the crew are doing an amazing job, and it’s starting to look really fantastic! Thank you so much for all the effort and thought you put into it. It is going to be a spectacular space.Thanks again,
– Fico Moncloa, regarding his Accessory Dwelling Unit

Dear Jacquie,
Our family had the best experience imaginable with this firm. We could not have been more pleased with our architect, Monica Ratliff. We initially chose her as architect for our remodel because we were impressed by two of her projects in the Seabright area of Santa Cruz where we live. However, beyond giving us a great design for our extensive remodel, she was able to work beautifully with our opinionated family, as well as with the contractor and city agencies. She helped us navigate challenging situations with neighbors and government agencies with great professionalism and consideration. She brought respect for the character of the neighborhood to her design, and yet she managed to give us literally every detail of what we personally wanted in our house, without compromising the quality of the design. She consistently saved us on the cost of our project with her knowledge of rules and regulations, her concern for energy efficiency, and her dedication to quality all around for a reasonable price. Not only was Monica top notch, but any contact we had with anyone else at Boone Low Ratliff left us impressed by their competent and caring professionalism.
– Ann Duren

Dear Jacquie,
“We got our final from the City! If you want to come by and celebrate, say hello, visit your Beautiful Baby you midwifed in our backyard, let us know. We would love to show you and thank you for your vision manifested… (the windows upstairs are perfect and let in so much light!)”
– Val Loeffler & Doug Hellinger

“At the Terrace Park dog park I speak with some other people who lost their homes in the fire.  Their experiences with the County are much different then mine.  They didn’t hire a local Architect, maybe didn’t hire an architect at all.  They are having all kinds of problems.  Your knowledge of local codes and what is expected from the County is making this project proceed much faster than most.”
– David Emrick – Fire Rebuild